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Crystal Emard

Dr. Crystal J Emard, DC

So whats important about me that you should know?

Well, I've been practicing here in Lancaster since 2005. I'm blessed to get to share an office, a name, and a fabulous profession with my dad, Dr. William Emard. I was raised with chiropractic care but it wasn't until college that I realized chiropractic wasn't just my dad's job - it is a lifestyle. I was raised by the principles that a fully functioning nerve system, healthy foods, and a good attitude are neccesary to enjoy remarkable health. So I went off to Life University in Atlanta, GA and graduated with honors in 2001. I was clinical director of a sports rehab Chiropractic Clinic after graduation. Then joined my dad's practice in 2005. In  2006, I began studying Nutrition Response testing with Dr. Freddie Ulan in Tampa, FL and brought individualized Nutritional Protocols here to the Antelope Valley. This is when I really saw the body's healing potential soar in my practice. You have the power to change your life, and I have the knowledge to show you how. So what are you waiting for?

When I'm not at the office I am taking care of my three awesome kids, teaching them the very same things that I teach my patients:

                             1. You are responsible for how you feel.

                             2. Good choices today lead to better tomorrows.

                             3. Getting adjusted is a first response, and never a last resort.

Dr. William Emard, DC

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Have been seeing Dr William Emard for a couple months now and feeling so much better and he has helped me and my family with so many health issues he truly is a blessing"
    Ivy C.
  • "Been seeing Dr. Crystal since 2010. She is always wonderful and has helped me resolve many health concerns that I was unaware of. If you listen to her, you will feel amazing!"
    Noelle N.
  • "Dr Crystal has been keeping me healthy for 10 years. She is awesome. Lost weight thanks to her.kept it off, changed my eating habits, to healthier food. My back has been the main issue,, Cant say enough about her. Thanku Lord for putting her into my life."
    Tom A.